What You Can Achieve

Open the door to a world of opportunity

Styling is one of the few industries where there are more jobs for competent, versatile stylists than there are stylists to fill them.

There is an insatiable demand for professional freelance styling. 99% of advertising agencies, fashion and lifestyle magazines, TV shows, business and corporate identities and celebrities rely heavily on freelance stylists. Their work is used in catalogues, brochures, magazines, TV commercials, live concerts, TV programming, public relations and by people requiring a particular ‘image’.

If you prefer a sales career, selling or working with fashion garments, accessories or merchandise, your training will prove of great benefit. What’s more, you’ll have the start of your all-important portfolio demonstrating your styling skills. Your portfolio is the first thing any prospective employer will wish to see.

When you know what the craft requires you will have a highly marketable skill which you can use for a full or part-time career or as a profitable sideline. Professional styling offers one of the few remaining opportunities for individual freedom, self-expression and financial gain.

Experience work freedom

The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course gives you the opportunity to be your own boss and to choose the styling work that most suits you. As a freelance stylist, you can also start small and build your reputation and income job by job.

Styling is one of the few professions that does not discriminate in any way. You can be of any age, sex, race or religion and become a successful stylist. In fact, your individuality can be of real benefit. For example, a younger stylist will often be more familiar with teen trends where an older stylist will feel more equipped to assist more mature clients.

As a professional stylist, you can also work from home and to a large degree you can choose your own clients and the nature of the work you accept.

This craft does not demand a university degree or other academic qualifications. Once you know what the industry requires, you have a highly marketable skill.


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