This online styling course will show you how to dress clients for their shape and colour
This online styling course will show you how to dress clients for their shape and colour.

About the Course

The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course has been designed to provide you with the professional skills required to succeed as a professional stylist. This fashion stylist course offers you a unique opportunity to develop a full or part-time career as a professional freelance stylist or to seek full-time work in all the industry areas where stylists are needed right now.

When you have completed this course you will have the knowledge and skills to start your own freelance styling consultancy or to seek work in the many businesses and industries associated with styling.

What you will learn

Firstly, it is important to understand that this course is not simply about the theory of professional styling. It’s also about practical work in styling, meeting client’s needs, marketing your services and being paid for your styling skills.

At its essence, this course is all about professional styling for profit. Each week, thousands of fashion editors, art directors, producers, celebrities, and people who simply wish to improve their image require the skills offered by a stylist. These are for photo shoots, image consultancy, fashion parades, TV commercials, personal shopping, live concerts and music videos, film and theater productions and much more.

This fashion stylist course takes you through every aspect of the profession – from developing styling concepts and turning them into reality, through to the business of selling your styling skills and services.

How the course is structured

This course is conducted by distance learning, delivered over your choice of 12 or 24 weeks. This course is delivered totally online, and offers full flexibility with no assignment due-dates, and up to two years to complete all course work.

During your course you will be instructed in all aspects of styling by a team of leading British and international photo and fashion stylists, image consultants, fashion editors and writers, photographers, art directors and producers.

Each tutorial provides you with specialised knowledge and assignments about specific aspects of styling. At the same time, you are learning about the actual market place for your styling skills, how to go about creating functional and appealing style concepts, selling your services, together with every trick of the trade to ensure your success. From your first tutorial, you are working with your tutor towards commencing your own freelance stylist’s consultancy, and being paid for your efforts.

This course has been specifically designed with our student’s work and family commitments in mind. Our assignments have no due dates, so you can simply hand in your work when you are ready. If you find yourself stuck on an assignment, we have a large collection of assignment examples and resources to use as a guide for your own work.

If you are having difficulty in a certain area, or if other commitments are intruding upon your time, the facility also exists to hold further tutorials until you are ready to continue. Simply email the College and request a new delivery schedule.

Explore trends in fashion in this online styling course.
Explore trends in fashion in this online styling course.

Hand in hand with your tutor

When you first enrol in the Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course, you are asked to complete our ‘Tutor Information’ questions. These provide the College and your tutor with valuable information about what you hope to achieve from the course.

A professional stylist, currently working within the industry and familiar with your styling interests, is assigned as your tutor to assist you throughout the course. It is a condition of College employment that your tutor is a successful, top-notch working professional.

You and your tutor work together to develop ideas and material relating specifically to the areas of styling work that most interest you.

It’s your tutor’s job to assess your assignments, develop your styling skills and bring you to an appropriate level of professionalism.

Regard your relationship with your tutor as a partnership. You provide the interest in styling and the willingness to learn, while the tutors provide you with the practical knowledge and skills to succeed as a stylist.

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