Alice B

Alice B

I feel that both as a nurse and a personal stylist, I can really make a difference for my clients.

I have always been a nurse. Since I can remember, everything I studied was related to the field of nursing and medicine. And when I found myself working in the Intensive Care Unit through the Covid 19 pandemic, I felt so incredibly tired and needed a career change.

I instinctively knew that I would have loved to work in something fashion related. I felt that the only thing that I was in control of during the pandemic was what I was wearing and the makeup I decided to put on. And it doesn’t have to be a pandemic- it can be a break-up, a sudden loss, depression, or what have you. Sometimes how we present ourselves really is the only thing we get to oversee. Of course, I was starting from zero, so I felt I really needed some basic knowledge first, and that’s when I found The Professional Photo, Film, TV and Personal Stylist Course.

What attracted me to the course, other than the topics it covered, was the fact that it was possible to pay in instalments so that everyone could afford it. It has been brilliant. Not only did it give me the knowledge I so deeply desired, but it gave me confidence that I can learn something new, and above all, it gave me ‘me time’ and offered a brilliant distraction from my job. It is also great that it is flexible so that I could study in my own time. The whole course is full of tips and real, practical advice. I particularly enjoyed the colour analysis tutorial and all the tips that helped me build my own website.

I started my own blog at notmybodytype, and I love to help people find strength and courage, one outfit at the time. I feel that both as a nurse and a personal stylist, I can really make a difference for my clients. I am mostly drawn to clients who struggle with body dysmorphia and recovering from eating disorders, or mental illnesses. I feel I can help them the most - I am still a nurse at heart!



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