Daniela F

Daniela F

I set up my new image business at the crossroads between image consultancy, technology and personal development.

I come from 30+ years leadinga behavioural data and technology business. I love fashion, but I had always known it was not the ‘I want that and that’ or ‘tell me what to wear’ angles that attracted me. It was always the character analysis which has been a constant for me in all that I have done in my career to date.

I set up my new image business at the crossroads between image consultancy, technology and personal development. The Professsional Photo, Film, TV and Personal Stylist’s Course gave me a technical angle to image (and styling): a ‘how to’ guide.

I really valued the interaction with my tutor, the simplicity and practicality of the course content, how it was organised, and the fact that it was not swamped in video gimmicks. As a reader, I value content that is readable, expandable and actionable – all at the same time.

My new business SoGood2Wear aims to bring value to my clients’ lives driven by the sum of my own experience at this crossroad – and I am delighted that it works for those who value a smarter mentoring relationship rather than simply being told what to do. Please, never call me a“coach”! An empathetic, curious disrupter with a signature approach – yes!

I now provide online courses, mentoring programs and personal image consultations with a membership to access a digital wardrobe. They all support the fact that image can lead one’s life if you know how to use it.

So, landing in the world of image (and styling) hasn’t been such an accident. I am building on the stories of the women I have met and with whom I have worked or interacted with during my career. My poster girls are those who only needed that nudge to then go and push their biggest boulders and achieve success in their jobs, relationships, or win over illness. The one who had the guts to go and wear colour when everybody else was wearing black, day-in-day-out; ‘she’ now runs a bank having decided one day that she had had enough of dressing like a crow.

My clients share their interest which goes beyond lip-service, to forgo mindless buying and embrace what is sustainable behaviour for the long run. Stop, take stock, remind yourself you are your image and design it for your roles in the life you want to live. What we wear is only part of the story.

We can orchestrate change with image (and style): from subtle to proper visible breakthroughs and lasting transformation; this is what is actually moving the needle, as we say in the boardrooms…. which means creating impact.

The College is good for providing a ‘how to’ styling guide – but, as graduates, it is up to us, each and every one of us, to create our own impact in how we apply the learnings anchored in our own differentiation. Pure image management!

TO SEE MORE OF Daniela'S Professional Styling WORK, PLEASE VISIT sogood2wear.com.

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