Luisa K

Luisa K

Taking this styling course has allowed me to set-up a full-time business as a fashion blogger and professional stylist.

I’m Luisa, a professional fashion stylist and blogger. When I started my career as a fashion blogger, I’d already studied fashion and textiles, and had a background in writing and linguistics. But I wanted to differentiate myself from the crowd so decided to study professional styling.

After spending time researching courses available to me, I found that the British College of Professional Styling offered just what I was looking for. So, I signed up and immersed myself into the course content.

I am very happy that I chose this course and would highly recommend it to anybody interested in learning more about the styling industry. I remember being so excited to start and my excitement never wavered, despite the fact that the course contains 12 in-depth tutorials. That does sound a little daunting at first, and if you are like me and already work full-time, it sounds like a big challenge to take on. However, I soon found that it was easy to find the motivation to read through each tutorial and complete the assignments that accompanied them.

Each tutorial is packed with valuable information and it is very easy to digest in one go if you allow yourself time. Alternatively you can easily read just a few pages at a time and come back to it later, given the self-paced nature of the course.

Each assignment pushes you to be creative. The assignments are well thought out and require you to exercise your developing styling skills. This is one of many things I liked about the course - you get to apply styling techniques as you go along, rather than studying the entire course before putting anything into practice.

After submitting your assignments, your tutor will respond within a couple of days with very thorough feedback. I found this to be a highly valuable addition to the course features. Throughout the course I always looked forward to hearing back from my tutor after submitting my assignments. Her feedback allowed me to clearly see my strengths within this industry, as well as areas that I needed to improve upon. The feedback was very constructive and easy to understand, which I really appreciated.

Taking this styling course has allowed me to set-up a full-time business as a fashion blogger and professional stylist. I have undertaken many projects now, including colour analysis consultations, personal styling consultations, body shape analysis consultations, as well as fashion styling and editorial projects for various brands with which I have worked.

I incorporate what I have learned from The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course in my everyday work as a fashion editor and stylist. I’ve worked on numerous styling jobs so far and have yet to receive any negative feedback from my clients. I feel confident that my skills are proficient for the professional styling projects I undertake. I love my job and thank this course for being one of the sources to provide me with the professional education I needed to pursue a career I love!


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