Sarah K

Sarah K

I learned about everything related to the styling industry, from magazines, to wardrobe and celebrity styling I have able to work in them all because of the comprehensive course.

Fashion was always my passion but I already had a master’s degree in advertising so I couldn’t spend 5 more years at the university and start over again. I wanted a quick and effective course, to help me get started in my dream industry.

My choice to study with the British College of Professional Styling was a great one, I completed the styling course in just over three months, and with that came all the information I needed to start my own fashion career.

What I liked instantly about this styling course was the variety of topics covered in the tutorials. The information provided is timeless, unlike fashion. This course gives you the rules and tools to assist you through the years as that information won’t change.  Adding to the great information are the opinions of the stylists and course contributors and the real-life stories provided by my tutor.

In the course I learned a lot about both shape and colour consultancy, this is very relevant and accurate and I use it with my clients every day. People love to know what shapes suit them and what colours make them more attractive; I can now provide them with this information.

The course also provided guidance for styling men, and this information is immensely valuable since you can’t find that info on the internet. It was very clear and well explained.

I learned about everything related to the styling industry, from magazines, to wardrobe and celebrity styling I have been able to work in them all because of the comprehensive course. The extra small tips provided in the course make my life in this field easier. The course helped me to be confident and aware of all available work options in this field before entering the industry.

After completing the course, I started working as a visual merchandising manager for the biggest multi-brands company in my country for one and a half years.

I am now working as a freelance fashion stylist and have had a makeover segment on Lebanese national TV since November 2014. Since February 2015, I have had a fashion segment on the national Lebanese TV in a program called Sabah Lebnen and I am the fashion stylist for a Lebanese fashion magazine, Special, handling their fashion shoots and writing fashion articles.

I am also a freelance personal celebrity stylist, styling popular Lebanese actress, Rita Hayek and styling a lot of celebrities on shoots for Special magazine. I have also gained experience styling for television commercials which was an exciting experience.

This course helped me discover all of the areas of styling that I didn’t know existed, such as food styling. In February 2015 I became a freelance image consultant for a sweets company in Kuwait, introducing fashion trends to stores with packaging and display.

None of this would have been possible if I didn’t take this course with the British College of Professional Styling. I would really encourage anyone passionate about styling to take this course because it was the step that opened the door to this field for me.

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