Vicki Rose H

Vicki Rose H

I am so glad I decided to do this as there was no boring classes, long essays or tight deadlines. Just lots of useful information that I found myself excited to know more and more about.

After I finished studying surface design and printed textiles at university I felt a bit lost on what to do next. I had learnt a great deal at university however my passion switched from interior design to fashion in my last year.

I knew I wanted to continue studying after university however, the same as most people, I needed to work as well. Whatever I was going to do with further education, I wanted to make sure that it was relevant, whilst still being enjoyable.

After doing some research I came across the Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course which appealed to me straight away. After speaking to some close family and friends about the course, I decided to go ahead with it. I am so glad I decided to do this as there was no boring classes, long essays or tight deadlines. Just lots of useful information that I found myself excited to know more and more about.

As the course went on I felt a great sense of achievement with every assignment I completed and the feedback from my tutor was always so helpful and informative. The best part was, I could really commit to this course in my spare time, whilst still having a full time job and a social life.

The course covers so many different aspects of styling which I could then use to pursue my career. I found the assignments that helped me the most focused on trends, how to become a fashion stylist, understanding colour and how to become a Film and TV costume designer. I never expected to be given so many tips, advice and guidance throughout the course and I know I would struggle to get it anywhere else.

Using what I have learnt from the course I have been fortunate enough to work and gain experience in a few different roles within one of the largest UK retailing outlets. I have worked in buying and visual merchandising, however I have now found my feet as a personal shopper and stylist in one of their biggest stores. I love spending my day styling and dressing women and men of all ages in the latest trends and specific items to suit their needs.

I now use what I have learnt from the course on a day to day basis so it was definitely the right choice to make. I would even recommend this course to someone who doesn’t work in styling as it’s all fascinating information and the assignments are great fun!

My aim is to eventually be a Film/TV stylist. This is an area of styling I didn’t really know anything about before I started the course. However, one of the assignments covers wardrobe styling and costume design which I found fascinating and this made me want to find out more. I’m not sure when I’ll get into Film/TV styling however I know I have learnt enough through the course to start me off.

If it wasn’t for the course I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. It’s given me such an eye opener into the styling world and has given me so much more confidence. I know all that I have learnt is extremely valuable information which I will definitely continue to use to push myself further in my career. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who wants to work in styling or has an interest in fashion, simply from how much you learn and how flexible it is.


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