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Susan G

Pursuing a Passion

When I enrolled in The Professional Photo, Film, TV and Personal Stylist’s Course, I didn’t have high expectations about what it would entail or whether it would push me to truly expand my industry knowledge. I can confidently say however, that it surpassed any pre-conceived notions and I was truly impressed by the comprehensiveness of the tutorials.

I have always been attracted to fashion and followed seasonal trends with great interest. For me, this course was an opportunity to follow a dream and ultimately gain employment working in an industry that I am passionate about.

Love the learning

The British College of Professional Styling Course is all-encompassing and not only teaches you the theory and practical elements of styling but also incorporates the business aspect, which is a vital component.

The presentation of the tutorials and requirements of each assignment were set out in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, the flexible nature of the course with regards to submitting assignments worked well for me due to the nature of my personal situation and extra-curricular responsibilities.

I particularly enjoyed learning about colour analysis and also applying practical experience in identifying specific and diverse body shapes and looking at what styles flatter each type. I gained a real sense of satisfaction by applying these rules in the real world and receiving positive feedback. The tutorial covering the history of fashion was fascinating and really made present day trends make perfect sense.

I was impressed by the extensive and specific feedback I received from my tutor on my assignments. The way in which the feedback was presented was encouraging and also inspired me to think outside of the box to look at things differently.

Excited for the future

This course undoubtedly promotes creativity and I have certainly developed a flair for being able to fulfil individuals’ requests to present the very best version of themselves. The feedback and positive comments from friends and family about my personal styling services has been overwhelming and I cannot thank my tutor enough for supporting me throughout my studies.

Now that I have successfully completed my course with the British College of Professional Styling, I intend to vehemently pursue this profession as a career. My plan moving forward is to set up my own business. Based on the positive feedback received to date, I am completely confident that I will be successful.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves and break into the fashion industry. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and practical experience and was completely and totally absorbed throughout. Once again, a big thank you to the British College of Professional Styling staff for making this a wonderful experience.

Susan G

Susan G
The British College of Professional Styling Course is all-encompassing and not only teaches you the theory and practical elements of styling but also incorporates the business aspect which is a vital component.

Susan G

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