Be officially recognised with your Diploma of Professional Styling

Your Diploma

The Diploma of Professional Styling is awarded to successful graduates of this stylist course.

Your diploma officially recognises your qualifications as a professional stylist and your successful completion of this course.

The practical knowledge and experience you will have acquired throughout this stylist course is also of enormous importance. At the end of your course, you will have acquired a level of skill where you can take on any styling assignment you choose.

I.D. Pass

In addition, you can apply for your free British College of Professional Styling ‘Identification Pass’. This pass identifies you as a professional stylist and can prove to be an important tool in the course of your work.

The ID pass has a three year expiry, but graduates can purchase an updated pass when required.

You’ll also find your pass may open many doors for you. For example, you can reasonably expect access to many professional exhibitions and professional discounts on many of your expenses including clothing, cosmetics and fashion accessories.

Diploma of Professional Styling

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